Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello Super Fruits!

So if you don't know you know now, I am a Mark. Representative and I am looooving it. I love the products and for my budget, my skin and my July goal. I think it could work and do wonders. Now for the most part I have always had good skin, meaning not to many break outs,glistening glowing skin.

As of the past year my skin has just been ugh, yucky need I say more. So As a new Mark Rep I received this fantastic samples of their skin care line that has all wonderful things natural including super fruits which contain antioxidants. So my skin feels fantastic.

Here's what I am trying so far! Peep it out try and let me know what you think. Better yet try it at my mark store Mark Store

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weight Loss!

So I am back and ready to hit the boards running. So remember me talking about the Diva Fit Health Fair I attended. Well I was more then disappointed when I realized how much weight I had honestly gained. I mean I think I knew it but didn't honestly want to face it.

Since then I have really changed my eating habits. I rarely eat fast food now and do a lot of cooking, I mean a lot! I still work long stupid hours but I have found a way that I think works for me and my husband. We currently eat a lot of chicken, which was something I was never a big fan of. But now after researching it, I have found a ton of recipes on sites such as Kraft Foods and Martha Stewart. I also bring my lunch to work just about 3-4 days a week and I eat breakfast. A breakfast which consists of oatmeal, or some raisin bran cereal. Fruit, or something to give me a kick start. I also now take a vitamin regularly and a cranberry pill 2 times a day.

This week, which is just about 4 weeks after the health fair, maybe even a little less, I finally starting going back to the gym. I am back to car pooling again with my husband for work, and I just decided why not, instead of sitting in the office hours before everyone else gets there, why not be productive. That productivity lead to 3 days in the gym. Running a mile or more on the eliptical trainer and also hitting the machines for abs and arms! I was so excited about the new routine, it carried over to having all of this extra energy at work.

Better yet, the last day I decided well it's been a minute since I have gotten on the scale, once for the health fair and then at my folks place (to dis lodge the dreaded number which had actually went up at their house). I decided to take the plunge! I lightly stepped on the scale and tried to smile and look away as the cleaning crew was buzzing around me. Finally when I peaked, I realized the number was lower then before! Hoorah! I have lost 8 pounds! I have 43 more to go to hit my goal of 50 by July!

The final weigh in for the Diva Fit competition will be in June for the "Big Event" which I am stoked for but also auditions for the Baltimore Blast Cheerleaders and hopefully back to dance this Spring and Summer!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What in the hell is pre-poo

So on this fun hair journey, I have had to learn a lot of things, and of course do tons of research. I recently ordered some great products from Yonnea's Natural Beauty. I ordered her Honey and Hibiscus Leave in Conditioner and her GPS oil. First let me tell you one thing by far this has been the best stuff I have used ever! Her website is

So I have been using this stuff every day since I received it and my hair honest to goodness is soft, managable and conditioned. Of course the next step is styling and washing properly. I have actually decided to pre-poo. Pre Poo is the process of a pre wash. So today I made a mixture of honey and extra virgin olive oil. These can be warmed (if you warm it remember not to warm) I let the mixture sit for a half an hour and then then washed with my regular conditioner which is Suave Tea Tree Nourishing Conditioner plus I use Pantene's Relax and Natural Deep conditioner.

Last week I attempted a 2 strand twist out. Once again I am attempting another 2 strand twist.

In case you are interested in all things natural hair, check out Afrobella's Blog also check out Product Junkie Diva's blog for her Pre Poo Process

Friday, March 5, 2010


Oddly enough I have been overcome with this feeling of excitement. Why? I have no idea what so ever, I am not even sure what I am excited about to be perfectly honest. Ever since I started eating better, including vegetables and drinking a ton of water, I just have a lot of energy and a ton of additional motivation, which I truly need! This week, I amped up my water intake tremendously. I am drinking 3-4 bottles of water not just a regular water bottle (because that's not eco-friendly) but a 20Oz-600ml eco friendly re-usable water bottle. Which equals to be about 8 glasses of water a day if I continue to drink 3-4 bottles.

I also found this great article on Yahoo about the 5 foods you should eat everyday. Those 5 foods included:

Yogurt for the Good Bacteria it produces, it should be Low Fat Yogurt

Nuts: Almonds, Pecans and etc... were considered good for your heart

Strawberries,blackberries, blue berries good for your digestive track

All things green!


These were the most important things to me, because of these were all things I was not consuming on a daily basis.After reading this exciting article it amped me up even more to get green leafy things, vegetables, and fruit.

This past week I have had either Raisin Bran or Oatmeal, plus Yogurt, and water. Plus spinach as been my leafy green for the week on Tuna to be exact and it has been delish. A tuna sandwich with spinach and cheese on wheat bread with light mayo has been a dream lunch every day with juice or better yet water!

All ready after changing my eating habits for 2 weeks, I feel like my jeans are feeling a tad bit looser!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

So for those who might not know, besides doing the whole weight thing, I am also taking this journey much farther then I could even imagine, that next step or continuing step is my hair. My hair journey is a whole nother story! A long time ago I had what I thought was healthy hair, I would set my self up once a month for a creamy crack appointment, hours and hours out of my day on a Saturday morning, for smooth super straight hair.

I have looked back at old pictures and just have been amazed at really how long my hair was getting, which was almost shoulder length, not quite but close. I got one trim and it was all down hill from there. Since then it has been hell on earth to get it back to that state. So finally this year after reading blog after blog after blog I decided to make the jump. I started transitioning in April 09, I learned how to do twists and braid outs for the summer which was super cute. Finally when most of the relax ends had left me, I finally BC'ed(Big Chopped) in December 09. A huge change for me, into a short mini flordia evans as I called it. Now end of February almost March. I had a short/medium size fro and I LOVE IT! I love how I can pull pieces here and there and they are wicked curly! I am still learning what my hair likes and dislikes, I think which is the hardest part. Soon I am going to go into some protective styles like braids until it grows out a little more.

Food Journal

As you hopefully have been reading I am in this competition thang, so you will see periodically some food diary posts from me. I will try to put everything in a weekly package yes, yes :)

Monday 2/22
Eggo 7am
Raisin Bran Cereal Skim Milk 9:30am
Yoguart Low Fat 11am

1bowl of salad with grilled chicken 1pm
handfull of pretzels 2pm
4 glasses of water
2 cranberry pill
Fish,Corn and Broccoli dinner

Repeat for Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday 2/24

Yogart 7am
Raisin Bran Cereal Skim Milk 9:30am
Granola Bar 11am
2 Cranberry Pill
Chicken Tuscan Sandwich with pesto 1pm
1 lemonade packet

Chicken with corn and kale 6pm

4 glasses of water

Repeat for Thursday

You can also follow me along on the